Everything means something to someone. And everything is a part of someone’s story. I offer tarot readings to help you see the meanings in things and to tell your story. I offer personalized tarot readings that put things into new contexts and new stories. Tarot is a story we tell together, and you can use it to see things in a new light, reconsider a new idea, or make sense of a new event or idea in the plot of your life.

I offer a detailed write-up of several pages that will go over each card in your reading, its possible meaning, and how it interacts with others. I’ll give you an overview, and  references or reading material when appropriate.

You may even choose to end the reading with a personalized literature suggestion. What does that mean? Literature therapy, or bibliotherapy, is a useful way to use art and literature in your own life. And book-reading is one of my things.

I hold a Ph.D. in literary and cultural studies alongside my tarot practice, so I can tell you plenty about all kinds of readings! Just like I have to make sense of the stories that Thomas Hardy told, I can also help you make sense of your own story, or even just the latest chapter.

Phone/Skype readings are not available at this time, but watch this space if you’re interested! I am working on that!

If you live in the Madison County (KY) area, you can even get a reading in person! I’m very amusing in person.

Please contact me for reading options and rates. Rates vary depending on the detail of the reading. I remember what it was like to be a student, so I am happy to offer discounts for students.

Here is the link to my basic reading form! You can always contact me through email first, of course; the form is just a simple way to get the basic information I’ll need to perform a reading and get your commission to you as easily as possible afterwards!

Drop me a line! My address is betterlivingthroughsymbolism[at]gmail[dot]com. I hope to work with you soon.