The cover of Cultosaurus Erectus by Blue Oyster Cult

Blue Tarot Cult 1

I thought I’d go for one of the obvious choices in my own musical history and read some Blue Oyster Cult! I chose Cultosaurus Erectus, given that it’s considered the band’s greatest album by certain malcontents — that is to say, once upon a time, the fan club’s president wrote a piece that was basically “fight me, this underrated album is actually the best.” I can appreciate that. But the first track on this album is also the whole reason I got into the band at all. And the whole album is crazy.

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a screenshot from the first episode of Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby and Japanese poetry

That may sound like a very strange title, but I think there’s something to it. Imagine my surprise when I watched the first episode of Devilman: Crybaby a second time and realized the kids rapping down at the pier are using the Japanese poetic tradition and just inverting it. Right? Why the hell would such a show do such a thing?

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The cover of Holy Diver, Dio's first album

Tarot Diver 1

I came very late to Ronnie James Dio. I don’t really know how that happened. I was in the right place pretty much when I was sixteen: devouring the fantasy-laden lyrics of Led Zeppelin, re-reading Lord of the Rings twice a year; and hungry for more of it all. I read the Wheel of Time books, for goodness’s sake! And yet, I never heard Dio’s music until I was in grad school. I believe, at the time, I said something like “this is sad, because I know I would have loved this even more when I was a teenager.” But I love it now anyway. Let’s do a nice tarot reading of Dio’s first solo album, Holy Diver

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Last Jedi as religious fiction

My title may be a bit misleading. “Religious fiction” usually means a specific literary genre which is overtly Christian and conservatively evangelical. I suppose stuff like Touched by an Angel was religious fiction. I don’t mean it in that way, but I can’t really think of another phrase. My basic point is that The Last Jedi is, and reminds the audience that Star Wars has always been, about a speculative, magico-religious way of life. I’m talking about the Force, of course. TLJ isn’t just about Force-users; it’s about Force-believers. And it is totally necessary for this movie to investigate the ideas underlying this religion in Star Wars.

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Some (More) Uses for Tarot Cards

I figured, what with it being the start of a new year, that some of you might be thinking about some projects. Maybe you’re deciding to finish something or to start something new. Either way, you might find some tarot card tricks useful as you go. Last time I wrote about meditation and interpretation, but today I thought I’d write more about making things.

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Happy new year!

Hello from 2018. I hope you’re doing well. Regularly scheduled posts will return on Wednesday, but for now I wanted to check in and wish you a great new year. In 2017 I brushed the dust off this blog and started writing mostly about tarot. I started blogging (outside of Livejournal, anyway), back in 2006 or 2007. I started writing about anime, took a detour through literary theory, settled on literature for a while, and now I finally gave myself permission to write about whatever the hell. If you joined me this year, welcome! I hope to keep writing through this year, and helping people to, well, live better through symbolism.

12 Days of Anime 2017 Omnibus

I’m taking a very small break from blogging this week. Or, rather, I’ve already taken it. To get posts rolling out on Monday, I’ll be back at writing later tonight. What I thought I’d do is put all my 12 Days posts in one place, so you could find anything you missed or shake your head, very slowly, as you see two entries for Ancient Magus’ Bride in one place. Whichever pleases you more.

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Twelve Days 12: Ainsworth from Magus’ Bride

I threatened to do this last week. I just didn’t watch a lot of anime this year. Really, for me, I watched a lot, maybe more than since I was in grad school. But I just can’t recall a twelfth show that I can do justice to. I watched a little of a *Monogatari, and two whole episodes of MHA. Maybe next year I’ll write about those! But, for now, on Christmas, I’ll just do a reading for Ainsworth from the Ancient Magus’ Bride.

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