T'Challa undergoing one version of the ritual of the Heart-Shaped Herb

Black Panther’s Magico-Religious Rituals

Hiatus over! I may be sorta slow-blogging a bit until I get back on my feet (literally in some cases — I’m experiencing some pain in my legs, yay the processes of time). However, I’m back and I wanted to come out of the gate swinging. Like probably most of you, I saw Black Panther recently, and it was fantastic. I want to write about the Panther ritual itself as it is in the movie.

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A short hiatus

Hello. I resisted doing this, but it just has to be done. I’m going on a very brief hiatus from blogging. This isn’t the kind of apocalyptic notice that people give when they’re angry, or the sympathetic post people make when they’re burned out. I’m trying to prevent becoming burned out.

So I’m working on an essay for a collection. Hopefully I’ll have something to say about that later this year, but we shall see. Either way, the revision notes came back last week and I sure am working on that essay all the time. All the juice in my “writing and stuff” tanks is used up every day by the essay. So I have to admit that to myself, and then to you, so I can get things done around here.

I don’t have a concrete time for how long I’ll be silent here, but it shouldn’t be too long. The deadline’s less than a month away, so I’m sure to be freed up by then, one way or the other! But I’m aiming for about a week and a half more, depending on how long it takes to get this final set of books from the library.

I’m giving myself permission to maybe make some shorter posts here, so be on the lookout for those.

the cover to Muse's album The 2nd Law

The 2nd Tarot 1

Here’s a late-night album I’m fond of. My partner got me into Muse quite by accident. She never really pushed anything at me. She simply listened to Muse, and I wondered who wanted to be Queen so badly (this is a joke, but based on reality: Muse is quite vocally indebted to Queen. Who wouldn’t be?). I’ve chosen The 2nd Law for a very simple reason: it’s the album I know best. Between “Supremacy” and “Panic Stations” I knew more than other albums right away.

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On adaptation

Someone I follow on Twitter (whose account is locked, so I won’t quote them or call them by name, I hope that’s OK) was complaining about a recent adaptation. Again, I’ll be vague, but basically they were annoyed that the adaptation didn’t really bring anything new to the table. I think that’s worth thinking about some more, as I basically agree.

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Good Travels, Ms. Le Guin

So on Tuesday, Ursula K. Le Guin died. Here’s the NYT article about it. If you aren’t familiar with her work, but still read fantasy or science fiction, you’re familiar with her impact. As I told someone yesterday: she may have been 88, but she seemed like she would just always be there. She’d been writing since nearly my lifetime before my life started, if you follow me.

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