announcement: tarot reading appearance

If you’re reading this blog because you were interested in tarot readings — and if you’re in or around the EKU campus area — I’ll be on campus today, offering tarot readings to those who were still waiting when the festival closed last week. If you’re interested, come on by. I’ll be in the library coffee shop, or just outside, starting around 5:00 pm.

Sorry this isn’t a big blog post or anything. Just an announcement


12Days six: Watanuki’s Fiery Skies

Ever read xxxHolic? It’s old now, I suppose. I loved it when it was coming out, and owned nearly all of it. It turns out the reason the ending made no sense was simply because I’d missed a volume, oops. I decided to re-read it this year, in an attempt to sell it when I was finished. I have a few volumes left to go, but I did sell them, alas. I needed the space, and there’s a lot of xxxHolic.

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12 Days Five: Nyarko-san’s Time of Her Life

And now for something a bit different. This deck is called Arcane Bullshit, and it’s pretty weird. Occultists need senses of humor, or else we risk becoming the asshole at the party talking about chakras and Kundalini. Let’s not do that. So for today’s post I wanted to talk about Nyarko-San: The Crawling Chaos. So it seemed appropriate to dig this deck out. Continue reading “12 Days Five: Nyarko-san’s Time of Her Life”

12 Days Four: Motoko Kusanagi’s Devilish Entrapment

Let’s talk about Ghost in the Shell. I’ve been watching it most of my life, I think. Remember when The Sci-Fi Channel (not Syfy) did anime marathons on Saturdays? I was there every day. I saw some weird stuff, some of which I’ve still never seen again. And I saw the original Ghost in the Shell. Honestly, as with a lot of film-length anime from that time, it’s pretty disjointed. Akira-syndrome, I guess we’d call it, where there was just too much stuff, and not enough time. Well, when I was in college Stand Alone Complex redefined GitS for me, and I finally got around to Arise this year.

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12 Days One: Hanekawa’s Sword Problem

It’s the first day of the annual 12 Days tradition. I’ve got a gimmick this year. I’m doing tarot readings for characters in anime. If you’ve got a tarot deck lying around somewhere, you should give things like this a try. I started doing it when I was watching The Last Temptation of Christ several years ago. It helped me understand the characters very well. Our first client is Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari. I rewatched this series this year. In this case, I taught the first two episodes. I’ll only do readings for shows I watched this year.

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Memories Apurpose

Being convinced I play in Memphis.
Therapy -> equations in a computer.
Wife, friend, become a computer.
I knew how he felt about my birthday.
College campus as my own mind.
Gabriel Pomerand -> equations in the answers written here,
this journal this morning – Dad proud of mourning.
A game played in Florence, not Lexington.
The fear of a friend for shooting the two inch hole between rooms.

Wife still in bed as in a blind catechism, unheard unfelt.
Art, equations in Memphis.
Absolute certainty on these roads.
I came back to the fictional.
“Now, that song!”
Moon in Vietnam.
Attempt to write here, this journal this pen, a plastic bag.
The old 50s “atomic” sign.

I ended up memories apurpose.

There is a companion post to this poem here.

Isn’t this the weirdest line in a song? It’s off…

Isn’t this the weirdest line in a song? It’s off Dark Side of the Moon, naturally, and it comes right near the beginning. It’s unexpected for a speaker, and one who’s proving himself good at it, to dwindle down into quietude as he says he thought there was more to it than this.

The line’s followed by the release of tense energy that’s been underlying the song so far. No more lyrics follow, only bombastic music.

But eventually that dies down as well. What we get instead is the first of the spoken word recordings the band made by roaming the recording studio and asking questions. It’s the famous claim that the speaker isn’t afraid of death.

And after that? The inarticulate singing of a woman who has not appeared as of yet, seguing eventually into quiet sound.

The album’s over, right? Well, no. The next track is “Money.” Damn. That’s what it’s like to be silenced, then…

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