The cover of Holy Diver, Dio's first album

Tarot Diver 3

Last time we discussed suffering, and the way out of it. Now it’s time to see where this album leads us.

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The cover of Holy Diver, Dio's first album

Tarot Diver 1

I came very late to Ronnie James Dio. I don’t really know how that happened. I was in the right place pretty much when I was sixteen: devouring the fantasy-laden lyrics of Led Zeppelin, re-reading Lord of the Rings twice a year; and hungry for more of it all. I read the Wheel of Time books, for goodness’s sake! And yet, I never heard Dio’s music until I was in grad school. I believe, at the time, I said something like “this is sad, because I know I would have loved this even more when I was a teenager.” But I love it now anyway. Let’s do a nice tarot reading of Dio’s first solo album, Holy Diver

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Some (More) Uses for Tarot Cards

I figured, what with it being the start of a new year, that some of you might be thinking about some projects. Maybe you’re deciding to finish something or to start something new. Either way, you might find some tarot card tricks useful as you go. Last time I wrote about meditation and interpretation, but today I thought I’d write more about making things.

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12 Days of Anime 2017 Omnibus

I’m taking a very small break from blogging this week. Or, rather, I’ve already taken it. To get posts rolling out on Monday, I’ll be back at writing later tonight. What I thought I’d do is put all my 12 Days posts in one place, so you could find anything you missed or shake your head, very slowly, as you see two entries for Ancient Magus’ Bride in one place. Whichever pleases you more.

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Twelve Days 12: Ainsworth from Magus’ Bride

I threatened to do this last week. I just didn’t watch a lot of anime this year. Really, for me, I watched a lot, maybe more than since I was in grad school. But I just can’t recall a twelfth show that I can do justice to. I watched a little of a *Monogatari, and two whole episodes of MHA. Maybe next year I’ll write about those! But, for now, on Christmas, I’ll just do a reading for Ainsworth from the Ancient Magus’ Bride.

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the cast of One Piece

Twelve Days 9: One Piece

Yes, after all these years, I finally started watching One Piece. I think I put it off for an odd mixture of reasons: it was already quite long, and I thought it was more of the stuff I watched in high school and got tired of (Dragon Ball, basically — and hell, I started watching Dragon Ball Super just this month, so what did I know?). My wife found out it was about pirates and jumped at it. We’ve watched around a dozen episodes, so I’m laughably behind and unable to say anything intelligent about the characters long term. But let’s try anyway!

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Twelve Days 8: Love is Like a Cocktail

I promised myself I wouldn’t hate-blog anything for #12Days, and I’m not. But this comes close. I’m sort of boredom-blogging it, I suppose? If this show were any longer than five minutes an episode I would have quit watching. But it’s not, and I love drinks, so here I am, having watched something that I don’t particularly care for. I do, however, have a very interesting tarot spread to make up for it, by way of apology!

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