Magic in the Táin Bó Culainge


I don’t mean an exhaustive list or anything. I just re-read The Táin and was surprised by a few instances of magic I’d totally forgotten. Both of them involve Cúchulainn in some way. One involves battle and the other healing.

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On Failure in Steven Universe

Steven Universe — the character — fails sometimes, but always learns from it and improves himself. That’s not the kind of failure I want to talk about. I find it really fascinating that the show has a character who would be labeled “a failure” in any other story and not only are they not the butt of jokes, they’re one of the most supportive, well-balanced characters. Let’s talk about Greg.

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Invocative Images

Apparently it came as a surprise (at least to someone) when I mentioned, in my about page, that I’m a practicing chaos magician. So. I am. There you are. I’m writing today not to talk about that generally but to talk about the practice of invocation specifically, and how it can be useful to you — as well as how it’s useful to dealing with stories and symbols.

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