12Days six: Watanuki’s Fiery Skies

Ever read xxxHolic? It’s old now, I suppose. I loved it when it was coming out, and owned nearly all of it. It turns out the reason the ending made no sense was simply because I’d missed a volume, oops. I decided to re-read it this year, in an attempt to sell it when I was finished. I have a few volumes left to go, but I did sell them, alas. I needed the space, and there’s a lot of xxxHolic.

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12 Days Five: Nyarko-san’s Time of Her Life

And now for something a bit different. This deck is called Arcane Bullshit, and it’s pretty weird. Occultists need senses of humor, or else we risk becoming the asshole at the party talking about chakras and Kundalini. Let’s not do that. So for today’s post I wanted to talk about Nyarko-San: The Crawling Chaos. So it seemed appropriate to dig this deck out. Continue reading “12 Days Five: Nyarko-san’s Time of Her Life”

12 Days three: Haruka’s Fiery Struggle

For day three let’s talk about Sailor Moon Crystal. The second series aired this year. It’s been a very long time since I watched an anime week to week, but I did with this one. The story arc covered by the second series was always one of my favorites. I loved Haruka, even in high school. So everything from the news of which arc they were covering to that crazy ED about Haruka and Michiru got me hyped up.

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12 Days Two: Handa-Sensei’s Return to the Earth

Let’s talk about Barakamon. I started it this year, though I haven’t quite finished it yet. As a guy who does amateur calligraphy and once studied Japanese, I’m all over a show like Barakamon. Wikipedia reminded me, just now, that the title itself refers to “an easy going guy,” which Handa-Sensei certainly is not. As our client, what can we tell him about himself?

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12 Days One: Hanekawa’s Sword Problem

It’s the first day of the annual 12 Days tradition. I’ve got a gimmick this year. I’m doing tarot readings for characters in anime. If you’ve got a tarot deck lying around somewhere, you should give things like this a try. I started doing it when I was watching The Last Temptation of Christ several years ago. It helped me understand the characters very well. Our first client is Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari. I rewatched this series this year. In this case, I taught the first two episodes. I’ll only do readings for shows I watched this year.

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Selling books, selling slicing life

Let’s do another anime post, those are fun and relevant to my interests. TheKittyMeister and I continue to watch a lot of anime, partly because, well, I’m paying for Crunchyroll, we should probably use it. And so we watched Denki-GaiMy relationship with slice-of-life is rocky, at best, but I quite like a lot of them. So this one’s got me thinking about why.

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1: Binbo Bamboo

What’s missing from our header image this time? If you’re having a really hard time answering that question, then you’re experiencing the phenomenon that underlies my revelatory moment this year. I watched Bamboo Blade with TheKittyMeister (I’d seen it before) and she helped me realize one of the reasons I like the show so much, something I’d never thought of myself. Something I’m in a much better position to notice now…

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6: Tear Adorably

We have all had fights that, afterwards, seem pretty stupid. You can probably think of some of yours right now. Did your face get kinda warm? Like you should open a window or something? Yeah.

Well. My partner and I once had a huge, screaming, crying, hours-long fight about Toradora.

This is not a joke. But it happened this year, so it’s certainly a moment.

See, remember when I said I have a problem watching anime with people now? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. I did that thing I’m supposed to be way too mature and old and experienced and educated to do: I got mad someone didn’t like a show I did. So when people tell you to relax and calm down and let people like what they like, that’s great advice and absolutely what you should do. But it appears to be somewhat natural to want people to like stuff you like. Not everyone feels that way, but way more than one or two of us do. So it’s cool, relax. We all do that. Well, I do that, and I’m kind of paid for my skill not to do it.

I’m not going to get weird and talk all about our fight and personal stuff and what have you. Basically it was a fight instead of a discussion because I should have gotten a glass of water and come back in the room after a minute and said, “Hey, you know what?” I didn’t do that.

But basically it was misinterpreting behavior as meaning. Yeah, that thing we have to do all the time, but are bad at all the time.

So why is this a moment I want to remember? It certainly gives me something to avoid doing. I kind of did that recently, remembering this and not getting bent out of shape. That was nice.

But for anyone reading, the point is more that it revealed my deep attachment to a show I hadn’t watched for a while (it has a good Christmas story, too). It was a moment when I wanted to share something and got confused. Which is pretty much what the characters do all the damn time. So that’s insightful. Probably.