The Hermit from the Waite-Smith tarot

Some possible uses for tarot cards

I’ve been doing a lot of tarot posts recently. I kind of jumped right in, too. So I thought I would write about the possible ways you could use tarot cards, and some of the ideas underlying how I use them and why it makes sense to do music criticism with them.

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Cover image: Dream Theater, Scenes from a Memory

Tarot in the Dream Theater 1

I was looking over my list of albums I’ve put together, and none of them were thrilling me. So I decided to bother chat about it. Like many people, I jump onto Twitch several times a week to watch my favorite streamer, and I’m active enough in chat that people are used to me being around. So I asked them what some of their most personally significant albums were. I got a ton of options, some I knew, some I don’t. I wrote them all down. But the streamer himself reminded me of Dream Theater! So here we are!

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Ten of Swords and Three of Swords, accompanied by stones and rune discs.

Daily Draw Cards

Here’s a nice, simple sort of post for a Monday afternoon. Have you ever heard the advice to draw a tarot card every day? You probably have if you’ve read any books on tarot or checked out any other blogs. It’s a common piece of advice. I do it, and I note down the card in my day planner. I have a record — with gaps — going back three or four years, now.

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A Passion Play pt. 1

Let’s take a break from this Daggerfall mess. Here’s a Halloween special! It’s a day early for ye olde posting schedule, so don’t expect to see anything Wednesday. Halloween is the time, in the northern hemisphere at least, where we feel the presence of the dead close to us. So what better than an album about death and rebirth? Nothing, that’s what! Let’s talk about Jethro Tull’s A Passion Play.

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Daggerfall in the Cards pt. 3

When we last left our intrepid hero, she was staring at a door that looks like a sconce devoted to memento mori. I have, seeking to be merciful to you, the dear reader, gone on ahead to Daggerfall. So you can take it as read that I wandered the countryside in the fast travel menu, made it to town, remembered to sheathe my, uh, flail, and entered the town. I failed to screenshot a moment when citizens eerily appeared from nowhere and began to wander aimlessly. Sorry about that. I’ve also sold all that useless armor and bought a better hammer. That’s about it. Let’s find some work!

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